• Had a reading with Shari this afternoon.  I was really looking for some clarification on some certain areas in my life.  Shari was so on the mark with what she was telling me,  I was unsure if I was "just making stuff up" in my head, but apparently, I wasn't.  She put my mind at ease, as well as guiding me on future steps regarding the same.  On the mediumship side - I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was not disappointed.  Shari mentioned 3 people that were sending through messages, my father which I loved hearing from as well as a very close friend - that was spot on.  I would wholeheartedly recommend a reading from Shari to anyone looking for clarification/answers/or wanting to connect with loved ones. Tracy 18/10/18 

  • Had a great reading from Shari.  Was an awesome first-time experience.  She "hit the nail on the head" with so many things. Mel 4/11/18

  • I attended the Coffee House Event.  Making up the numbers really.  Got my ticket the night before purchased for me by someone else.  My mum came through.  Her message was clear and I did pass it on and I reckon it helped my sister very much.  The event was in the middle of what would have been my mum's birthday.  One month between the two.  My mum was unique in her was and that was relayed on the night. Rob 24/07/18

  • Absolutely amazing reading.  Everything was on point.  Have already recommended Sharilee to other friends and family.  Absolutely loved it.  Kuini  4/09/18

  • I had a reading with Shari tonight at the Halloween food market at Mermaid waters and to tell you honestly, it crept me out.  Shari was spot on with the people who came through the things she told me about who was coming through and my questions. Thank you so much, Shari.  I loved my reading and would definitely recommend you. Trish 27/1018