Sharilee May

Born in New Zealand, and of Maori ancestry, Shari is a ‘Natural Medium’. 

From a young age, Shari was able to sense spirit and was unaware that others could not do this. 

At the age of twelve, an encounter with 'spirit' changed her life forever and ignited a passion

for spirit and a life long search for answers about the spirit world.


Fast forward a few years, and after raising a family, studying at Tafe then University, and establishing a career in nursing, Shari always felt there was still something missing.     

Fast forward again, and after some life-changing experiences, Shari decided it was time to focus on her passion, SPIRIT. 


Concentrating on her development of mediumship, Shari studied with world-renowned national and international mediums to fine-tune her skills to not only work as an 'evidential medium' but to ensure her messages are delivered ethically and respectfully.       


Shari uses her mediumship to 'not ' only communicate messages to promote healing, love, and proof

that your loved ones exist (in spirit), but to provide closure in the words left unsaid. 


Shari feels  ‘honoured’ to be able to stand up for spirit and be a communicator, and with all her life experiences, losses, trials, and tribulations, understands that with this ability of mediumship, comes ‘great responsibility’. 

Shari endeavours to always uphold the greatest respect for communication with loved ones in spirit,

and works tirelessly to work honestly, ethically.    

Shari works with SPIRIT to provide healing in grief, despair, and depression at the

loss of a loved one by reconnecting through the 

‘Power of Spirit’.

Are you ready to begin living your life in honour of your loved one?

Based on the Gold Coast, AUSTRALIA